Getting Here

A path in the woods

The Minam Lodge is situated in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Northeast Oregon.

Hikers in reasonable shape can expect to make the trip in less than four hours. At an elevation of 5,510 feet, the Moss Springs trailhead is about 2,000 feet above the Lodge. The highest portion of the trail often is snow-covered until mid-June, and hikers may encounter small streams across the trail or muddy areas in early spring. Please email us for current trail conditions.

Horseback trips may also be arranged through private outfitters to bring you to the Lodge along the same trail.

Many guests arrive by charter plane. The Lodge has its own grass airstrip. Flights are easily arranged from the nearby airports in Eastern Oregon.

Private pilots may land at their own risk. Transmit on 122.9, and conduct a fly-over to make sure no other planes are arriving or departing from the Lodge or adjacent Red’s Horse Ranch. Elevation is 3,600 feet.

Please contact us for help with your travel arrangements.

Top photograph by Ted Battesh