The Minam River Lodge greenhouse

Our wilderness garden and unique timber-frame greenhouse provide the kitchen with a progression of greens, vegetables and aromatic herbs from May through October, inspiring seasonally focused dishes with each day’s harvest.

Given our location far from roads and nurseries, we embrace organic principles and closed-loop gardening techniques by necessity as well as out of deep respect for the land. Our sustainable practices include seed-saving, composting, and fertilizing with manure and natural materials found in the forest. Our water source is a natural spring that flows from the granite peaks across the wild and scenic Minam River.

In addition to cultivating the garden, we also forage wild foods to supply the kitchen. Morel and chanterelle mushrooms abound in spring and fall. Even our fresh-baked sugar cookies are flavored with a touch of natural ponderosa pine extract, which is reminiscent of vanilla.

Come down to help harvest some greens for dinner or just peek in the door of the greenhouse to catch the warm scent of peppers and tomatoes. Welcome to the garden!

Top photograph by Leon Werdinger