Barnes Ellis, Owner

Barnes Ellis

An Oregon native, Barnes received an ice axe from his parents at age 6 and grew up exploring the mountains and rivers of Oregon with his father. He first visited the Minam River Lodge for a family reunion, and was struck by the awesome natural beauty of the area. Decades later, he stepped forward to purchase the dilapidated property and rebuild it for future generations to enjoy. He and his wife Koi visit the Lodge frequently, flying in on their Cessna 206 with loads of beef, bourbon and their border collie mix Zep-Zep. When he is not at the Lodge, Barnes manages investment portfolios for clients of his Portland-based investment advisory firm, Baker Ellis Asset Management.

Ben Gates, Advisory Board

Ben Gates

Ben discovered the Lodge in the midst of the reconstruction project, and soon joined the team as our architect and project manager. He remains involved as an advisory board member. As founder of Urban Patterns, Ben seeks out projects in the private and public sectors with ambitious social, environmental and economic goals. A native Oregonian and avid outdoorsman, Ben loves how the Lodge connects diverse groups of people both to each other and the wilderness. Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Oregon. In his spare time he is building a net-zero house in Portland with his partner, Margo.

Patricia Lee, Advisory Board

Patricia Lee

Pat spent more than 30 years at the famed Steamboat Inn on Oregon’s North Umpqua River, where she was a partner and manager until the property was sold. The Lodge had always been on her bucket list, and it quickly became one of her next passions. As a board member, Pat advises the team on hospitality and strategic issues.