About the Team

The Minam River Lodge team

Margaret Smith, Manager

Margaret Smith

Originally from Texas, Margaret joined the Minam in 2019, and now leads our team. After wearing many different Minam hats for the past few years, she is happy to call the Lodge home for the summer. Aside from keeping hospitality operations running smoothly, you may also find Margaret in the barn leading a yoga class, foraging for wild herbs or mushrooms, or scoping the treeline for birds.

Sean Temple, Executive Chef

Sean Temple

Originally from New Jersey, Sean’s 20-year culinary career has taken him around the country, from iconic dive bars to a three-star Michelin restaurant in New York and a James Beard award- winning restaurant in Portland. After discovering the Lodge as a guest chef in 2019, he joined the team full-time the next year.

Caroline Hughes, Hospitality Team Leader

Caroline Hughes

After earning an art history degree cum laude from Marymount Manhattan College, Caroline has lived a life of adventure and travel, but we are fortunate that she keeps coming back to the Minam River Lodge, and now serves as our Hospitality Team Leader. Caroline is renowned on the team for her curiosity, creativity and ability to quickly figure anything out.

Claire Elizabeth, Assistant Chef

Claire Elizabeth

Although Claire has sworn off “restaurant life,” we are lucky that the Minam seems to be the one exception to the rule. She recently completed her degree in mathematics with the goal of one day making math class a positive experience for kids. When not whipping up extraordinary breakfasts at the Lodge, Claire can be found snorkeling in the river.

Stephanie Bingham, Assistant Chef

Stephanie Bingham

Stephanie has spent the last 15 years in the food and hospitality industry, eagerly fulfilling any and all roles from server and pastry chef to food-truck operator. Originally from Smalltown, Nebraska, Stephanie loves brunch, the ocean, and laughing till it hurts.

Alejandro Rubinstein-Nadeau, Assistant Chef

Alejandro Rubinstein-Nadeau

Originally from Dubuque, Iowa, Alejandro earned his culinary chops working in kitchens in Bloomington, Indiana, and Philadelphia before joining the team at the Minam. He likes bikepacking and discovering new outdoor places, and is stoked to be living on one of the two larger rivers in the state that are considered nearly pristine (a distinction that the Minam shares with the Wenaha, a Blue Mountains tributary of the Grande Ronde).

Tevin Miller, Assistant Chef

Tevin Miller

Originally from Great Falls, Montana, Tevin landed in Indianapolis, where he lived for too long before returning to the mountains. Tevin has been cooking professionally for over eight years. When he is not sous-viding local bison or drying wild-harvested morels, Tevin is a hip-hop, fly-fishing, and bird-photographing aficionado.

Elizabeth Shoepe, Gardener

Elizabeth Shoepe

Elizabeth is in her third season at the Minam and her first as Gardener. She started in 2018 but took a couple-year hiatus to explore winemaking, brewing, and Olympic jumping horses (Elizabeth notes that everything she knows she learned from her horse). She is passionate about plants, animals and the wilderness, and loves supplying the Lodge table with amazing, freshly harvested salads.

Matthew Williams, Bartender

Matthew Williams

Matthew, a long-time Portland resident, has many years of experience behind the bar at Portland institutions including Touche and Cassidy’s. After spending most of his vacations exploring the Eagle Cap Wilderness with his family, he finally realized it would be more convenient to work here. His wry sense of humor and keen eye for detail make Matt an indispensable member of the team.

Sophi Fairchild, Head Housekeeper

Sophi Fairchild

As a Montana native and lover of the outdoors, Sophi (and her pup, Eucher) feel at home here at the Lodge. Sophi’s keen eye for organizanization and detail ensures our housekeeping team never skips a beat. Euchre can be found maintaining his post outside the laundry room, at the river searching for the perfect stick, or enjoying an extended nap on the deck.

Lauren “Lolo” Grossman, Front of House

Lauren “Lolo” Grossman

A Southern California native, Lolo fell in love with the mountain life in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., and never looked back. Her near-obsession with culinary delights and fresh mountain air quickly made her a perfect fit at the Minam.

Mathilda Janzon, Front of House

Mathilda Janzon

Mathilda was born and raised in Sweden until moving to California, where she earned a BFA in Interior Design from the Design Institute of San Diego. After a few years of working in the design industry, she was drawn to the “boujee granola” ideal – appreciating luxury, yet humble in character. The rest was Minam history.

Monica Lopez, Front of House

Monica Lopez

Monica is originally from Sonora, Mexico, but lived in Tucson, Arizona for the last eight years. This is her first season at the Minam and she is already in love with the area. She has worked in hospitality as well as in the wine and turquoise industries for over the last decade. She is always eager to learn more about herself and others through meaningful conversations. She loves to dance just for fun, enjoys running outdoors and also considers herself an avid music, food and wine lover.

Tom Townsend, Groundskeeper

Tom Townsend

After serving eight years in the Oregon Army National Guard, Tom has a keen grasp of the importance of teamwork and communication. He has worked in various kitchen positions in settings ranging from a fast-paced brewpub to a historic hotel. Tom also has worked with teens attempting to get back on track at the Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy, a holistic, quasi-military residential high school academy.

Ezra Pitcher, Maintenance Manager

Ezra Pitcher

Joining us from Walla Walla, Wash., Ezra brings a wide variety of skills, perfect for keeping the Lodge in tip-top shape. His diverse background includes farming, construction, mechanics, and tree work. You can find Ezra working in any corner of the property, or jogging back from an ultra-marathon training run.

Lauren Bowman, Massage Therapist

Lauren Bowman

Lauren first came to the Minam in 2020. After a year and a half spent gaining medical massage experience, she returns to the Lodge for a second season. A graduate of the East West College of the Healing Arts, Lauren strives to give a thoughtful, anatomically-aware massage that will leave you with a greater range of motion and sense of ease in your mobility.

Bobby McMahon, Massage Therapist

Bobby McMahon

Hailing from Portland, Bobby practices a meditative, empathetic style of massage therapy. Bobby studied under a handful of skilled instructors at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, and is continually enthused to be continuing a lineage of thoughtful, effective bodywork.