About the Team

The Minam River Lodge team

Margaret Smith, Manager

Margaret Smith

Originally from Texas, Margaret joined the Minam in 2019, and now leads our team. After wearing many different Minam hats for the past few years, she is happy to call the Lodge home for the summer. Aside from keeping hospitality operations running smoothly, you may also find Margaret in the barn leading a yoga class, foraging for wild herbs or mushrooms, or scoping the treeline for birds.

Sean Temple, Executive Chef

Sean Temple

Originally from New Jersey, Sean’s 20-year culinary career has taken him around the country, from iconic dive bars to a three-star Michelin restaurant in New York and a James Beard award- winning restaurant in Portland. After discovering the Lodge as a guest chef in 2019, he joined the team full-time the next year.

Claire Miller, Assistant Chef

Claire Miller

Claire worked with Sean at Portland neighborhood restaurant Accanto before joining the Lodge in 2020. Her famous breakfasts and winning personality draw fly-in pilots from around the Northwest. In her spare time, Claire is earning a degree in mathematics.

Roy James Stegall, Assistant Chef

Roy James Stegall

An avid outdoors enthusiast and chef, Roy has married his two passions by cooking everywhere from back-country ranches to legendary mountain resorts. His hobbies include painting, sketching and sculpture.

Don Delinks, Assistant Chef

Don Delinks

A classically trained chef who worked in Florida and on Cape Cod before joining the Lodge, Don sent a letter of introduction in which he said: “I love what you are doing there and will be there soon regardless of employment.” We hired him on the spot. Don does not eat processed food, likes to sleep on a yoga mat with his dogs and ran the New York Marathon at ages 9 and 10.

Tom Townsend, Kitchen Assistant

Tom Townsend

After serving eight years in the Oregon Army National Guard, Tom has a keen grasp of the importance of teamwork and communication. He has worked in various kitchen positions in settings ranging from a fast-paced brewpub to a historic hotel. Tom also has worked with teens attempting to get back on track at the Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy, a holistic, quasi-military residential high school academy.

Corey Fox, Maintenance Manager

Corey Fox

Corey has a 15-year history in youth education and program management, instructing in programs including Outward Bound and OMSI. He also worked for many years as lead carpenter and rigger for a company that produced major events. “Fox” keeps the Lodge property and equipment running smoothly, even if the nearest hardware store is a full-day hike away!

Tara Arthur, Head Housekeeper

Tara Arthur

Tara studied geography and geospatial science at Oregon State University, where she also dove into ocean science research. At the Lodge, she applies her scientific skills to running our busy solar-powered wilderness laundry operation, which has never been so efficient and well-organized.

Caroline Hughes, Front of House

Caroline Hughes

After earning an art history degree cum laude from Marymount Manhattan College, Caroline has lived a life of adventure and travel, but we are fortunate that she keeps coming back to the Minam River Lodge, and now serves as our Hospitality Team Leader. Caroline is renowned on the team for her curiosity, creativity and ability to quickly figure anything out.

Elisa D., Server/Housekeeper

Elisa D.

Elisa is a New Mexico native but grew up in Colorado. She earned her master’s degree in Literacy in Education from the University of Northern Colorado. For 10 years she has been a talented welder and metal fabricator and owner of her own business.

Jacob D., Server/Housekeeper

Jacob D.

Jacob earned his bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in Spanish language, literature and culture from Colorado State University, and holds an educational degree from Colorado State University and Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina. He worked as a Spanish department head of the Fort Collins, Colo., School District for six years. Jacob enjoys being in the mountains, and Latin American culture and painting. He is also a certified Rolfer.

Shelly Hopson, Head Bartender

Shelly Hopson

A native of nearby Imbler, Shelly has curated fabulous cocktails around the state, most recently serving as operations manager of Oregon Spirit Distillers in Bend. She also has worked as a pastry chef and steward of a high-end nature cruise line, sailing in Hawaii, Alaska and Mexico. She earned her degree in culinary arts from Linn-Benton Community College. If you are wondering which wine to order from the Lodge cellar, just ask Shelly.

Jenny Maschmedt, Massage Therapist

Jenny Maschmedt

Jenny is a graduate of the East West College of Healing Arts in Portland, with electives in structural integration and cranial sacral therapy. Her goal is to provide a safe, comfortable healing space in which her clients feel heard. She is dedicated to learning about herself and others while learning new skills. In her spare time she has been active in choir.

Billy Wooten, Massage Therapist

Billy Wooten

Billy earned his degree from East West College of Healing Arts in Portland, where his studies included Tui Na, structural bodywork and kinesiology. In addition to working as a massage therapist, he has built tiny homes and other structures to help Portland’s homeless population, and helped open a halfway house for recovering alcoholics and addicts.

Ryan Shoepe, Groundskeeper

Ryan Shoepe

A four-year veteran of the Lodge, Ryan is likely to be the first to greet you at the airstrip if you arrive by air. His responsibilities include keeping the cabins, hot tub and sauna stocked with firewood and ready for guests; recycling; and maintaining the 126-acre property in beautiful condition. Ryan also is a student at Portland Community College, where he is working toward a degree in fire science.