Getting Here by Plane

A small prop plane descends to land at the Minam River Lodge.

The Lodge is a scenic 15-minute charter flight from nearby Enterprise. Let us make it easy and arrange your flight for you!

We work with the most experienced local pilots in the area. Rates are $125 per person each way, $225 on Sundays. Flights can generally accommodate up to three passengers. Luggage is limited to 25 pounds per person.

To arrange a flight, please email us at or call us at the Minam River Lodge office: 541.362.4453.

For private pilots, our grass airstrip is oriented north-south along the Minam River. The strip is 2,400' X 40' with tree obstacles at both ends. The strip has a slight dogleg at the south end. A windsock is located on the east side of the strip at midfield. Transmit on 122.9, and overfly the strip before landing to check for wildlife or other traffic. Land into the wind. Backcountry flying experience is strongly recommended. Use of our private airstrip is at your own risk.

For private pilots, please review our guide to Flying Into Minam River Lodge.

Top photograph by Ted Battesh