The barn at Minam River Lodge at dusk.

A Wilderness Oasis

“The jagged, white-granite peaks, sparkling lakes, and wildflower-covered meadows of the Wallowa mountains make this range one of the most beautiful in the nation.”

Guests of the Minam River Lodge will enjoy exquisite accommodations inside the lodge, hand-built log cabins, spacious wall tents, and cozy teepees.

The lodge kitchen prepares simple, elegant meals using organic fruits and vegetables from our own garden and other carefully sourced ingredients.

The 361,446-acre Eagle Cap Wilderness is filled with approximately 535 miles of scenic trails and rivers for hiking, horseback riding, and fishing.

For more than 60 years, the lodge has welcomed visitors seeking an authentic experience in an unspoiled place surrounded by protected wilderness.

The lodge is located just steps from the wild Minam River, accessible only by an 8.5-mile journey on foot or horseback, or by chartered flight.

The Minam River Lodge is in development for a grand new opening in the spring of 2017. Please check back often for the latest news from the lodge.

The bits of wilderness left to us are only tiny islands. The Minam River is one.

The new Minam River Lodge will open in the spring of 2017

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